Expect the Unexpected.

Since my first batch of Bad Bitch Magic candles, I’ve settled into my new life with minimal (and, at times, zero) grace.

I felt compelled to use obsidian for my this batch, which makes sense because I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot this holiday season and have been struggling with feeling connected with the world and those around me.

There are a couple of things I do not do when I’m creating. One is follow a trend; I want them to be authentic. Two, I do not typically make more than two sets with a certain message. However, these candles seem to really resonate with people for different reasons and for that, I’m grateful. I finished batch number 3 – a total of 6 themed candles.

I don’t really expect anything when I’m working on a set. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have a series that nobody will like – that they’ll sit at the the Grounded Goddess unnoticed and unloved. So far, that hasn’t happened. Instead, complete strangers have supported me time and time again. The funds I make from selling candles allows me to indulge in more candle-making, which keeps me occupied and brings me so much joy. Who would’ve known?

But that’s a part of the idea of “expect the unexpected”. I’d like to think that if we allow ourselves to simply be real – whether it’s put-together, messy, needy, strong, depressed, anxious or joyful – that amazing things will happen because we’ll connect ourselves with those who truly see us. I think, deep down, all of us do wish to be seen. Seen, loved, appreciated, missed, treasured, taken care of.

So, this is what I’m carrying over into 2023 – the fact that even when I’m down like I have been – I am seen and loved. A reminder that no one is really alone and that we’re all just one weird or quirky interaction away from connecting.

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