**I’m comin’ with the Bad Bitch Magic** Going with the flow for the rest of 2022.

I’ve had a lot of time to sit and reflect since my last blog. Basically, the past few years have been “doing too much”. There has been too much turmoil, change, and activities.

There are three large changes happening in my life right now: My father is getting re-married. I am moving two weeks before the wedding date. This is due an amicable decision between my wife and I to separate. All three have their happy and sad parts.

My focus has been the continuation of the decluttering I started earlier this year, locating a place that would allow me to keep my dogs (one of which being on the “restricted breed” list), packing, getting my finances in order, and purchasing things I will need to start my own household.

However, I’ve still made the time to continue to create art. My latest series of candles that are now at the Grounded Goddess in Schenectady speak to me reaching inside myself to pull my spirit up and out of the funk and chaos my life has been in over the past few years.

Also influenced by “Abracadabra” by Qveen Herby

It’s a grasp to retain power and a good attitude to move forward because not all change is bad. It’s me taking back my life and making conscious decisions of what I will, won’t, and want to do. I hope these resonate with people.

While I never would have expected my father to remarry 14 months after my mother’s death, his fiancĂ©e is lovely and she’s a great fit for him. Not only that, he is more alive now than he has been in a long time. I am genuinely happy for them and their future together and am looking forward to their wedding day.

I suppose I saw my separation coming at some point, but I continued to think if we worked on it, it’d all be okay. I also had convinced myself that much of the issues stemmed from me being a solitary, selfish person. However, once we decided to separate and live in different households, a weight lifted. We went back to being friends and having some fun together. This makes the heartache of a separation and a move worth it.

I would not have guessed that 2022 would be so transformative. I would only cause myself suffering to resist the upcoming changes so I decided to just go with it a few weeks ago. Embrace the different. Embrace the weird. Embrace the idea that I’m in my late 30’s, soon to be twice-divorced and single, living in an apartment complex, and having a new step-mother and 5 step-siblings.

“Are you a celebrity or something?” Thoughts about champagne and celebrating the small things.

Earlier this year I ran into a co-worker at a liquor store on a Friday evening. Besides “hello”, the first thing he said to me was “Are you a celebrity or something?”, as he noticed I was leaving with a bottle of champagne. I responded that I was celebrating the fact that it was Friday.

I’ve gotten big into celebrating the small things. Made it to the end of the week? High five! Got dressed and left the house? High five! Didn’t have a total meltdown? High five! Took care of yourself? High five! It’s Friday? Go get yourself a bottle of champagne and enjoy it! This is how I’ve made it through the past year; simply trying to keep a focus on the little victories instead of setbacks or what may be looming in the corridors.

I can’t say what prompted me to consciously start doing this except for my dogged survival instincts. Either way, I do credit it for keeping me sane and optimistic [most of the time – I’m human].

As it turns out, my idea isn’t radical, crazy, or even lacking scientific basis. Just yesterday, I discovered an episode of my favorite podcast discussing a very similar concept – specifically, what happens to your mindset and self-confidence if you high five yourself in the mirror daily for 5 days. You HAVE to listen to this – it’s amazing!

I continue to allow myself to roll around in good things, whether it be as simple as waking up and feeling joyous, taking a step forward and achieving something, or just being. There doesn’t need to always be a reason. I believe in its mind-set transformation.

When I received a request from The Grounded Goddess (Jay Street, Schenectady) for more candles – I was already feeling pulled in the direction of transformation, discovery, and hope. This was the day before I found that podcast episode so I felt like it was absolutely the right message I wanted to share.

I forged a relationship with the owner of The Grounded Goddess when I attended a journaling and meditation workshop there. Shortly after, she purchased a couple of candles from my website and, when I delivered them, I approached her with an idea of my creating a spiritual line of candles for her shop. So, I celebrated not only her purchase from my website, but her acceptance of my offer, my eagerness to expand my horizons and learn more about Chakras, crystals, stones, and myself, and being able to provide 8 candles to start that I was proud of.

I celebrated the sale of the first candle from the shop, and, last night, the sale of the final candle…all as the 7 new candle casts cured. I’m celebrating the new 7 candles today*, which I’ll drop off early this evening, the fact that I took a chance and it’s panning out, that I’m making the time to write this blog post after a few months of silence! I’ll be celebrating inside ~ lettin’ the good vibes flow ~ and will be celebrating outwardly with a yoga class.

*Featured in the photo above are 3 out of the 7 candles I’ve made in the past two days in their first drying stage. I chose to vary the designs of “transform” to be tree-like, simple and minimal. This is because transformation doesn’t always have to be big and noticed by the world. Transformation can be small, a secret. It can be understated and it can be loud. Everyone is different. These candles are all lavender scented and feature crushed amethyst stones across the top ~ calling to your Crown Chakra.