Untangling feelings about convenience.

Up until recently, I attributed my dislike of anything convenient to my modest upbringing. As I work toward shedding thought patterns that no longer serve me, I have to wonder if that’s true or is it just an attitude I developed to soothe me when I perceived I lacked something.

The thing is – conveniences that ease certain tasks can help reduce stress. I’ve been slow at learning this; however, I’ve made some purchases in the past 6 months that have helped my small business. If time is money (and personally, I feel time is more valuable than money), then upgrading and streamlining processes is worthwhile.

The best purchase I’ve made for my business (besides replacing an old computer) is my thermal label printer.

Jadens BlueTooth Thermal Label [click to see on Amazon.]

Before buying this, it was a struggle to print labels wirelessly from my phone to my standard printer. My old desktop computer was not compatible with the standard printer…so when I couldn’t get my phone to send the info to the printer, I’d have to e-mail the label to my wife and have her print them or I’d print them at work. It was entirely too fussy and annoying. Printing off a shipping label should be the easiest part of online sales.

Jadens BlueTooth Thermal Printer enters the chat and shipping has been an absolutely breeze since then! I downloaded the app on my phone and it automatically connects me to the thermal printer and, within 3 seconds, I have a label ready to go! It has been much more convenient for me and I love the fact that I will never have to buy ink. $159.99 and one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I purchased another item along with this printer and it is a…

Shipping Scale [click link to see on Amazon]

…a real shipping scale! Before this, I would occasionally lose money on shipping because I was using a food scale that was not entirely accurate. I’ve had zero problems in that regard using this $19.99 scale.

I’m learning there is no shame in having things that make tasks more convenient. It doesn’t make me spoiled, entitled, better than anyone else, lazy, or soft. These two items save me frustration, time, stress, and money and I would recommend them to anyone who sells items online – whether it be secondhand or handmade items.

Shying away from items of convenience has been my M.O. in adulthood and I’ve always attributed it to how money was viewed during my adolescent. But I think this is an attitude and mindset that I created and it is certainly one I can abolish.