The small pleasure of anticipating my needs

[[To be up front, I am trying something new in this post. For the first time ever, you will find affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase, I make a small fee. The products I’ll be sharing are things I use and love in my household.]]

The past two weeks, I’ve really noticed just how much I enjoy the ability to anticipate my needs. For the first time in years I am not operating under a crisis mode; instead, I’m able to look ahead and ensure that I’m not running out of the things that make my life easier or things I need for my health.

Besides a 40 lb. bag of dog food every 3 weeks, I have the following specific items on varying schedules with Amazon (yes, some of it is a bit bourgeois):

Clean Cult dishwasher tabs (LINK HERE)

What drew me to this brand initially was their recyclable cardboard packaging. When I opened my first box, I was disappointed that the tabs were wrapped in plastic…until I read the box and saw that it’s a water-soluble “plastic” wrap. Being a more eco-friendly choice wouldn’t be good enough it didn’t clean my dishes. I was very pleased to find that they work extremely well and there’s nothing to toss in the trash when they’re gone.

Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper (LINK HERE)

Every 6 months, I get a box of this toilet paper and it’s, hands-down, the best toilet paper I’ve ever used. I am a bamboo toilet paper convert! The rolls come in a cardboard box (recyclable) and each roll is individually wrapped in recyclable paper. No plastic is used whatsoever. It’s soft, it’s thick, and it doesn’t rip to shreds when there’s a tough job going on.

Renuv Laundry Detergent Sheets (LINK HERE)

Again, in an effort to minimize waste, I began using laundry detergent sheets instead of liquid detergent that comes in gigantic jugs that usually do not end up being recycled. I settled on this brand after trying a few others and found it to be the best value and it cleans my laundry very well. After I’ve used them all, the box is recycled. It’s pretty great to not have to deal with messy liquid detergent because most bottles seem to leak at some point. In addition, I don’t have to juggle an awkward bottle when I’m carrying my groceries in. Same thing with the dog food delivery – less for me to carry.

Chew Tabs toothpaste tablets (LINK HERE)

So, I got these as a most cost-effective alternative to the Toothy Tabs made by Lush. I tried tabs originally for the convenience of keeping them in my desk at work and for traveling because I wouldn’t have to worry about popping a tube in a suitcase, purse, or in my desk drawer. I also like that when I’ve used all of the tabs, the glass is easy to recycle. I don’t know how regular toothpaste tubes could be recycled unless thoroughly cleaned out.

My last dentist visit was also excellent; they were happy with the care I’ve been giving my teeth and gums.

I will say one thing about these and it’s only something I’ve encountered on my past two orders: If shaken too hard, they will turn to powder. While these are packaged well, mine clearly had been tossed about, causing me to lose some of the tablets. If the problem arises again, I will be contacting Amazon and adjusting my order, if necessary.

Now, on to an item that I do not have on subscription but that I’ve purchased in anticipation of my needs:

Ready for the sexy stuff? Mederma Cold Sore Healing Patches. (LINK HERE)

When I am stressed or about to get sick, I get a cold sore. I found these healing patches recently and what a difference they made! I was all healed in under 2 weeks and I didn’t have to deal with a scab. I have a brand new pack of these under my bathroom sink right now for next time I get one; it’s awesome to not have to scramble to the store after I’ve already begun feeling the tell-tale signs of a cold sore coming on. Again, anticipating my needs before they arise, especially with these – I always feel embarrassed and somewhat depressed when I develop a cold sore and they feel like they last forever. These helped immensely.

Also under my sink are new tubes of Abreva and miscellaneous cold medicines. While this may sound normal for most people, it wasn’t normal for me to think ahead to buy these things. I’d only buy them after they were needed. Living alone, I had to figure these things out for myself and I’ve found joy in it. I feel secure in knowing that next time I have a cold or am experiencing extreme stress that I have a leg up. That if I become ill, the dogs won’t run out of dog food because it’s delivered on a schedule and I won’t be pressed to lift it in and out of my cart, in and out of my car, and into my apartment if I’m weak. That I won’t be ready to do a bunch of laundry, only to find that I’m out of detergent, necessitating a run to the store. That I have nice, soft toilet paper. What is life but a collection of all the small things that bring some joy?

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