Looking in the mirror: Hushing my inner critic

**explanation at the bottom of post**

In my quest to get to know myself better and heal the things that need healing…I’ve moved on to the Throat Chakra and am taking my time with it.

There was a chapter in my life where I was boisterously outspoken. On the positive end, I appeared fun and confident. On the negative, I was a gigantic bitch with a chip on her shoulder. No one [my age] may have guessed that my inner dialog was unpleasant, but maybe all those more experienced than I saw through my bravado. Regardless of how much I loved to fight, I’d never have spoken to anyone the way I was speaking to myself on a daily basis.

While I outwardly calmed down in my 30’s, my inner voice became harsher. I’m older. Weary. Less sure about the world around me and what I know as truth. The truth is fluid and largely dependent on one’s perspective – given this, my hunger for debates or arguments has waned.

With the world as confusing and complicated that it is, the least I can do is not beat myself up over who I think I should be or what I think I should say and do. I can forgive all the faux pas that taught me so much and I can stop talking to myself like I’m a gigantic, incompetent asshole. This is what I’m currently working on – flipping the script and talking to myself lovingly, with honor and respect.

**Okay, so what’s up with the photo? These are 3 of the 6 Throat Chakra themed candles I made for The Grounded Goddess shop on Jay Street, Schenectady. I’m enjoying making Chakra candles that walk side-by-side with my journey.

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